Founders, what is your post-lockdown strategy?

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Post-lockdown startup idea

Kantham and Teja were trying to set up a pan shop in March. Just when they were about to start, the lockdown for three weeks was announced. They needed to do something fast or the money that they had left would not last them for more than a week. Noticing that people did not have access to groceries in their neighbourhood, the couple started waking up early in the morning and bought vegetables and a few essentials from the central market. By 6 AM they had all these fresh vegetables ready for sale in their shop. For people in the neighbourhood, this was too convenient an opportunity. Kantham and Teja were able to sell all their goods by 9 AM and close shop, well before the 11 AM deadline.

This enterprising couple was able to pivot. From a pan shop to a vegetable shop. What about you? What was your idea before the lockdown? Given the extreme caution that people are going to take after the restrictions are lifted, do you still believe your idea will fly? If you answered with a maybe or a no, it is worth your while to pivot too.

First look at what Kantham and Teja did. They noticed that people in their neighbourhood did not want to go to crowded market places. They realized that the market was too far away for some people with no transportation options. When people could not go to the market, they bought the market near the people.

Now, what have you noticed about people in your neighbourhood? Obviously, doorstep delivery of hygienic items in a safe manner is going to matter a lot to people. They will not hesitate to shell out a little bit more if they are assured of quality and convenience.

Students are not able to go to school and online classes are the rage. But how do children learn science? What about the labs? Since the children cannot go to the labs maybe you can take the labs to the children. Low-cost science kits, like the ones being used by India Literacy Project, is one way to go. Another would be to develop simulation software that will allow children to experiment using simulations.

People are unable to go to the gym or a park or even walk on the road. So, some enterprising individuals have been posting simple exercises that one can do even in small spaces and those exercise videos have gone viral.

People have been organising and playing Housie/Tambola through WhatsApp. Could you organise online multi-player Monopoly or maybe Chess tournaments?

There are many more such ideas that you could come up with if you spent some time figuring out what has pinched you or your family and friends the most during the lockdown. Our team at Alcove Partners (Alcove Business Advisory Pvt Ltd) will bring more ideas your way, but if you have some thoughts on this, please share in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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